Will Mars & Aaron Twitchen Edinburgh Previews

Will Mars & Aaron Twitchen Edinburgh Previews

Two comedians try out their 2013 Edinburgh shows - get a sneak preview at a bargain price!

Will Mars: "Americana"
A show about how America changed the world. Well, how America changed the world for one man. Not that having your world changed is a good thing. Sometimes it is but sometimes it's not. Let's just say it's a show about how America did something, to someone, once upon a time (it's a show about a bloke).

Will Mars is 'Fearless' (The List), 'Engaging' (Chortle) and writes jokes that 'Take us out of our mundane reality' (The Guardian).

Aaron Twitchen: "Princess Guide To Dating"
Disney told us we'd grow up to be princesses, so why are we crying into our Haagen Daaz? Forget kissing frogs, lets rewrite the rules and bring back #princesspower with help from our friends Kate Middleton (Royal Princess), Jasmine (Disney Princess) & Britney Spears (Pop Princess). Personal, interactive & inspirational 'how to...' on dating for the 21st century wannabe-princess, from the comedian behind 'Quarter Life Crisis'. A show for anyone who has ever loved, been loved or longed for a diamond the size of their fist. “Positive, fun, feel-good...

Probably the best free fringe show I've seen” - Scotsgay


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Friday 19 July, 2013 20:00 £8.00 (Full price)

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