The Counterfeit Sixties

The Counterfeit Sixties

Take a large helping of the best pop music ever recorded. Toss in four musicians playing 100% live. Add a light show and sound system that Pink Floyd would envy. Stir in a generous amount of video and stills of the stars from a bygone era. Sprinkle with anecdotes & reminiscences. Mix in a large dollop of Geordie humour and a little sauce. Cook for 2 hours. Result: The Counterfeit Sixties Show!

Front & centre is the unforgettable music of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Dave Clark Five, The Kinks, The Monkees & many more. Adding colour are the period clothes and flashbacks of television programmes and adverts.

The Counterfeit Sixties band members have performed their unique tribute shows all over the UK - and have previously worked with notable sixties artists such as The Searchers, The Ivy League, The Fortunes, The Tremeloes and many more.

Come & re-live the great decade - have a blast from the past!



Promoter: EAA

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Friday 10 July, 2015 19:30 £15.00 (Conc) £17.00 (Full price)

Box Office: Card fee £1.50 optional delivery £1, per transaction

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