Seann Walsh: 28

Seann Walsh: 28

Seann is a charming and charismatic natural born observational storyteller - and one of the most precocious talents to emerge from the UK comedy circuit in years. In his last show 'The Lie-In King', Seann was living alone and trying to sort himself out. At 28 years of age Seann returns with his aptly named new show '28' - now living with his girlfriend as she tries to sort him out...

"comedy at its sharpest" - The Independent

Plus support from the energy & charm of Marlon Davis. 'He's going to be a star" - Adam Bloom

Min age 16


Duration: 110 minutes

Promoter: Off the Kerb + EAA

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Friday 12 December, 2014 20:00 £25.00 (Full price)

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