From the Emmy Award-winning team behind the mega-hit television series Friends comes Rapunzel, an exciting musical perfect for all the family! A familiar tale with a fantastic new spin, it has all the charm you'd expect from the minds that have been making the world laugh non-stop for more than two decades.

Following their visit last Spring with Wind in the Willows, Immersion Theatre are thrilled to return with the UK Premiere of this witty, tongue-in-cheek retelling of a perennial favourite. Featuring a possessive mother who happens to be a witch, a tentative young man who happens to be a prince and a strong-willed but naive young girl with the longest hair you're ever likely to come across! Alone with nothing but her hair and her witch (literally) of a mother, Rapunzel dreams of seeing the outside world - when a young prince and his trusty valet come across her tower. But before the Rapunzel & her Prince can have their happy-ever-after, they're going to have to face the witch's wrath and some hilarious obstacles in this unique fairy tale!

It certainly isn't going to be fairy-tale business as usual - so get TANGLED in this glittering gem of theatrical goodness!


TICKET UPDATE @ 9am Tues 24th Feb:
19 seats available (2 in middle seating block, 17 on sides)


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Promoter: Immersion Theatre / EAA

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Saturday 27 February, 2016 16:30 £10.00 (Full price) £8.00 (Conc) £8.00 (Members)

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