Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

Prince Henry's drama students stage one of Shakespeare's best comedies, combining mistaken identities, love & robust hilarity with explorations of honour, shame & court politics.

Ready for merriment & love, Prince Don Pedro, his resentful brother Don John and the noblemen Claudio & Benedick return from war. Claudio has hopes for nobleman's daughter Hero, while the avowedly single Benedick spars wittily with Beatrice. As the homecoming masked ball begins, Don Pedro aims to assist Claudio to win Hero's hand - but Don John aims to make trouble. So behind the disguises, confusion & comedy ensue - until foolish Dogberry and his Watch foil Don John's plot. So in the end, it all turns out to be "much ado about nothing".


Promoter: PHHS

Booking Dates

Thursday 16 March, 2017 19:30

Friday 17 March, 2017 19:30

Saturday 18 March, 2017 19:30

Box Office: PHHS from 1st Feb

Booking Info: £9 - £12