MeatLoud Again

MeatLoud Again

Back by popular demand: the outstanding Meat Loaf show from classically-trained vocalist Andy Plimmer & his band of fantastic musicians.

Andy was a Meat Loaf tribute for 5 years before putting together this band of musicians - whose backgrounds ranging from classical & musical theatre to rock & blues. With their rich blend of backing vocals, driving piano, out-of-this-world guitar playing, rocking rhythm section & the outstanding vocal talents of Paula Tuckley, Abby Evans & of course Andy Plimmer himself - Meat Loud deliver a night never to forget.

Come & hear Meat Loaf's greatest hits - plus songs by Jim Steinman for Bonnie Tyler and hits by Cher, with Meat Loud setting the story for each. A great show & exciting live experience for all Meat Loaf fans!

"the best Tribute band I have ever seen by a very long way" - 2018 audience comment.


Promoter: EAA

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Saturday 07 September, 2019 19:30 £16.00 (Full price)

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