Main Theatre Technical Specification

Audience and stage (please see PDF file for full details)

  • 312 numbered seats (see seating plan below)
  • Rear row seats can be removed in pairs to accommodate disabled guests, technical & video recording equipment.
  • Fixed raked seating (rising up from stage level)
  • Performance area on stage is approximately 10m x 9m
  • No flying facilities
  • Proscenium opening approximately 12m
  • Orchestra Pit 10.5m x 2.5, can accommodate 10 musicians + MD
  • Crossover / back passage behind stage
  • Scene dock doors approximately 1.8m wide and 7.6m high
  • Double stage doors at rear, with loading area to accommodate two large vans or three cars.
  • Free parking at rear of theatre for production crew / cast, this is shared as an overflow car park for audience members.

Sound (please see PDF file for full details)

  • Soundcraft Si Performer 3 digital console with Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 32R
  • 32 mono mic inputs + 8 line inputs
  • 80 channels to mix
  • 20 sub-group / aux busses
  • Martin Audio AQ10 and Martin Audio Blackline S18 speakers
  • Proel foldback monitors
  • QSC Audio PLX2402 amplifiers
  • Denon DN4500 Dual CD Player

Lighting (please see PDF file for full details)

  • Zero 88 Solution XL desk
  • 96 channel faders
  • 30 submaster faders (x 20 pages)
  • 4 DMX universes via 5-pin XLR ports
  • Art-Net support via Ethernet port
  • 72 dimming channels via 15A outlets distributed throughout the stage and FOH areas
  • DMX infrastructure (9 x 5-pin XLR outlets) distributed throughout stage area (single universe)
  • 12 x GLP Impression X4 LED wash lights
  • Numerous conventional fresnel, profile and flood fixtures
  • A fairly wide range of Lee Filters gels (saturated colours and correction filters) are kept in stock.

For further information please contact our tech staff via

Main Theatre Seating Plan


Theatre Access

The main theatre has up to 11 wheelchair positions located in row H centre, please indicate at time of booking if required.
Row H of the main theatre and the whole of the foyer and studio theatre are all step-free.