Holmes Alone

Holmes Alone

It's the eve of the Great War & the great detective is on the cusp of retirement - and without Dr Watson. But a spate of mysterious deaths calls Holmes to the Sussex Coast, whereat Sherlock must face one of the deadliest foes he has ever encountered... Meanwhile, the late Professor Moriarty's right-hand man, Count Negretto Sylvius, plots to avenge his master's death by bringing about the downfall of the Baker Street sleuth!

Join Jonathan Goodwin of Don't Go Into the Cellar Theatre for a gloriously Victorian mystery drama!


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Booking Dates

Saturday 09 November, 2013 20:00

Saturday 09 November, 2013 20:00 £10.00 (Full price) £8.00 (Conc) £8.00 (Members) £8.00 (Group 10+)