Gary Delaney: There's Something About Gary

Gary Delaney: There's Something About Gary

The thing about Gary is that he likes to write and perform jokes. An awful lot of them.  He thinks good jokes are like a drunk Glaswegian - short and punchy. He loves each & every gag - you can'’t help but be carried away by his infectious charm. He'’s like a cheeky schoolboy who can barely hide his glee with every punch line. “

Gary's last tour was extended four times and took in over 240 dates - each one showcasing why he is seen as the premier gagsmith of his generation. Through Twitter and TV he's become one of the most quotable comedians in the country.

Now you can see him live.

Wickedly funny - The Sunday Times
I laughed, and I laughed and I laughed... master craftsman - The Times
Expect a cavalcade of brilliantly inventive puns - The Guardian


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Friday 24 March, 2017 20:00 £14.00 (Full price)

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