Evening of Clairvoyance with Shaun Dennis

Evening of Clairvoyance with Shaun Dennis

An Enthralling evening of CLAIRVOYANCE with one of the Country’s most accurate Stage Psychic Mediums, as seen on TV and featured on National Radio. Taught by a Western Mystery School over 30 years ago, Shaun is a Professional Stage Psychic Medium capable of providing staggering levels of accurate clairvoyance including names, areas, roads of residence, special dates and house numbers. It is Shaun’s wish during the show, to help to put hope and reassurance into the lives of audience members by providing messages and evidence of the continued survival of spirit loved ones and make people realise how they are still part of our lives.

Promoter: Psychic Frontiers

Booking Dates

Tuesday 29 September, 2009 20:00 £12.00 (Full (Pre Booked)) £13.00 (Full (On the Night))

Wednesday 06 October, 2010 20:00 £13.00 (FULL)