Edinburgh Comedy Previews:
Alfie Moore & Chris Stokes

Edinburgh Comedy Previews:
Alfie Moore & Chris Stokes

Two great acts deliver the shows they're preparing for 2016 Edinburgh Comedy Festival
Each show is nominally an hour. Min age 16

Alfie Moore - Getting Away With Murder
In this brand new hour former Detective Sergeant Alfie Moore & star of BBC Radio4 'ItÂ’s A Fair Cop' will provide a detailed step by step guide to enable you to achieve this goal. Everything you need to know from choosing a murder weapon to disposing of the body.

"Very funny... a large dash of gallows police humour" - The Telegraph
"Offbeat, revealing and very funny" - The Mail


Chris Stokes - 8½ Stone of Vegan Fury
Ever experienced the righteous joy of saying, "You're welcome," to a non-existent 'thank you?' Ever been tempted to follow someone for miles when they didn't wave or blink their hazards after you let them out at a junction? This could be the show for you...
Just as Batman upholds the law by breaking it himself, Chris has decided to challenge the rudeness we face on a daily basis by throwing it right back in equal measure. Come see how an ineffectual vegan stand-up comedian became... MANNERS BATMAN.

"Excellent" - Daily Mirror
"Hilarious" - The Scotsman



Duration: 140 minutes

Promoter: EAA

Booking Dates

Friday 15 July, 2016 20:00 £8.00 (Full price)

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