Coward at Sea: a nautical musical comedy

Coward at Sea: a nautical musical comedy

Actor, pianist and singer Michael Lunts presents a little-known Noël Coward comedy "P&O 1930", brought to the stage for the first time and turned into a one-man musical. 'Coward at Sea' evokes the golden age of the ocean-going liner - complete with on-stage ship, a cast of classic Coward passengers and some equally classic Coward songs.

"A rare gem evoking the genuine spirit of Noël Coward" - Michael Coveney, Daily Mail.

'Coward at Sea' is part of Evesham Festival of Words 2016


Duration: 125 minutes

Promoter: Evesham Festival of Words

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Sunday 03 July, 2016 19:30 £13.00 (Full price)

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