Calling For Help!

Calling For Help!

Man vs mother-in-law.

Sean wants to fight fires & save lives - so why is he working in a call centre with his mother-in-law Rachel? When his ambitions take a bizarre turn, Rachel starts to panic - he has put her family, home and job at risk! Meanwhile Sean is having fun....until he notices some strange goings-on. Why is Rachel so concerned about his marriage? Why is she turning everyone against him? And is his newborn baby really talking to him?

Immersive and madcap, this new interactive comedy appeals to the audience to join in and provide additional characters and lines. The company has experimented extensively in ways of including audiences in the performance that enables them to feel involved & have a thoroughly brilliant time.


Review of opening night at MAC Birmingham:

"Writers Liz John and Julia Wright have skillfully added layer after layer as the opening scene of out and out comedy from the clever, and wickedly accurate portrayal of telesales slowly becomes a very human drama about relationships, post-natal depression, naked ambition and life.
The two dimensional figures that greeted us at the start have become real people by the end as we see the gradual changes in their characters cleverly created by Nash and Leonard - a couple of years of life distilled into 100 minutes.

**** - Behind The Arras - Roger Clarke (Full review - spoiler warning!)

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Promoter: EAA/ Next Page Productions

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Friday 22 April, 2016 20:00 £10.00 (Full price)

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