The Bell Tower Exhibition

8th March- 26th April 2015, The Longwall and Barside Space

In the nearly 500 years the Bell Tower has stood, it has inspired Wedding Cakes, Teapots, The Vale of Evesham Camera Club and even the likes of JW Turner who did a study of the Church of St Lawrence through the arch of the Bell Tower in 1793. 

More importantly it has inspired local people to paint, draw and be creative. This exhibition, featuring 19 local artists is a celebration of the hard work given by the Bell Tower Conservation Project and the local community towards ensuring this inspiring landmark will remain just that for generations to come.

All Proceeds from the sale of artwork on display goes towards the Bell Tower Appeal. You can also find out more and donate at: www.eveshambelltower.org.uk/donate/. Thank you to everyone who has submitted work for the exhibition

Check out the Bell Tower Appeal Gallery on our Facebook page.

Beth Pope -Golden Moments

27th April - 30th June 2015, The Longwall and Barside Space

This exhibition of sky paintings is about moments of awareness and joy. Working from photographs and memory I have painted skies that have made me stop and remember what is important and my connection to life. I have often represented negative thinking with darkness and awareness as light, so the sky seemed perfect to represent these golden moments we experience. It also is ever changing, highlighting the importance of enjoying the present. Making paintings gives me more time that I can be without thought. Time to be totally immersed. Hopefully these works will remind others to do the same and make the most of those golden moments of happiness and peace. 

Find out more: beth-pope1@hotmail.co.uk

Summer Exhibition- Prince Henry's High School

3rd July-25th August, The Longwall & Barside Space

A Summer exhibition of A-level and GCSE students artwork from Prince Henry’s High School. This is a diverse and dynamic collection of works from inspiring young talent. 


      John Dix - “An Exploration of Beauty and Grace”

   26th August - 26th October 2015, The Longwall and Barside

Working from his own photographs artist and Evesham Operatics member John Dix creates stunningly lifelike paintings of ballet dancers. Using oils on canvas he captures the poise and elegance of his subjects, rendering them alive with the skillful use of light in his work.






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   Call for artists now closed   

       The application deadline for the 2015 Exhibitions programme has now closed. We hope to release our                  exhibitions schedule for next year  shortly, so watch this space.
       To register your interest for exhibiting in 2016 please see the Need to Know Information below along with              our exhibitions plan and application form.
       Email your completed application to exhibitions@eveshamartscentre.co.uk.
       Don’t forget to include your contact details, artist or group profile and photo examples of your work.

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